After reading about middle class city dwellers dreams of moving away from the pandemic ridden streets in search of the good life in The Guardian and Financial Times I thought it would be interesting to map out their potential destinations.

This website combines and presents the location data for a number of popular middle class haunts, from trendy independent boutiques to salt of the earth farm shops. Data is presented as a heatmap (with each point adjusted for population density) at low zoom levels and as a pin board at high zoom levels.

The data

All data displayed on this website is in the public domain. The data was last updated on and was extracted from the following sources:

Different techniques were used to scrape data from each source, primarily using a combination of Node Fetch, Cheerio, and Puppeteer. Data scraped from websites without coordinates was geocoded using open postcode data from Get The Data.

No websites were harmed in the making of this one.

UK population data was provided by the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and this dataset is freely available here. The dataset was integrated using the Geodesy functions published by Chris Veness.

The map itself is powered by Mapbox and this website is kindly hosted by Netlify.

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